Archery isn’t for wusses

I had my first archery lesson on Sunday as part of a series of columns I have been writing exploring the intricacies of some of the lesser-known Summer Olympic sports (believe it or not, there are more sports than swimming and gymnastics). It was a fun experience and the Santa Cruz archery range is just gorgeous.

As with most of my adventures, I didn’t leave the range unscathed. I have a welt on the inside of my right elbow, where the arm guard slipped, allowing the string to hit my arm upon release of the arrows. Plus, the tip of my middle finger, one of three used to hold the string tight, hasn’t regained feeling yet. It’s still all tingly. Hopefully it comes back before the weekend.

So, let it be known, archery isn’t as tame as it may seem from the outside.

Oh, and if you’re wondering when you’ll get to see the story, the answer is soon. I’m hoping to run one a week leading up to the  games starting late this month or early next month. So far, I’ve tried weightlifting, tumbling, fencing and archery. Are there any others out there you’d like to see me try my hand (or foot) at? Let me know at

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One thought on “Archery isn’t for wusses

  1. 1. Badmiton (I want to see the word “Shuttlecock” in print)
    2. Handball (what? I guess it doesn’t involve tennis balls and the garage door)
    3. Canoe Slalom (Yeah no, like in a canoe, kneeling)
    4. Synchronized Swimming (It’s seriously hard, and yo would totally be able to rock your flower top swim cap)
    5. And for number 5, Modern Pentathalon (I think you would be bad a$$ at this).

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