Pretending to pole vault

Well, that’s another Olympic sport I have in my back pocket. Last week, local high school pole vault coach Paul Friedenbach took me under his wing and attempted to teach me how to vault at Santa Cruz High. Did you know women weren’t allowed to compete in pole vault until about 10 years ago because they supposedly weren’t strong enough?

James Tensuan/Sentinel
Julie Jag clears the crossbar at Santa Cruz High School after getting some pointers from the school’s pole vaulting coach, Paul Friedenbach.

I wasn’t so worried about strength as speed and agility. This is one sport I never thought I would be able to do, and yet… Well, let’s just say I got over the bar.

Most likely that story won’t run for a couple of weeks, but I’m knocking off another one each week (or at least that’s my goal). Keep the suggestions coming in. One reader thought judo would be a good one, and another suggested table tennis. I’m also interested in any of the equestrian events, rowing and synchronized swimming. If you know anyone who can help me explore these, drop me a line at or leave a comment here.

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