This blog and where we go from here.

Just had a nice talk with the boss … er … wife about what I should be posting to this blog. To be completely honest, I still think in terms of print instead of digital, so I’ve been neglecting this blog a little. Kind of strange for someone who works for a company named Digital First. Hey, it’s a learning process. I want to post more, but since I’m not in London taking pictures yet, it’s hard for me to think about interesting things to post. So here’s what’s going to happen:

  • Once we are in London, every story and photo fit for publication (and some that aren’t) will be posted here. This is the means by which our newspaper, The Santa Cruz Sentinel, will get our stories and photos.
  • I’ll have more snark. Julie likes that when my coworkers and I start singing obscure songs from the 90s, I post it to Facebook. Well, now I’ll post that kind of stuff here, but only when I’m doing my interpretive Olympics-related dance.
  • I’m going to let you in on our planning. I had no idea that you people out there in the intertubes might be living vicariously through us. We have bumps and bruises from our planning on attending these Olympics. In fact, I’ll let you in on a little secret: We nearly bought a house. The closing date was going to be July 10, which is 4 days before we are leaving for London. Talk about stress. I even floated the idea of staying behind but everyone I mentioned that to thought I was crazy. So we gave up the house so we could bring the Olympics to you, our faithful readers. Really. It had nothing to do with money, or timing, or the location of the house, or the fact that the kitchen didn’t overlook the living room and the carpets were an orange shag that was last popular when Carl Lewis was in diapers. We love our readers that much.
  • Not only are we planning, but we are worrying as well. Will our equipment work? Will our flight be delayed (I hate flying)? Will I not be able to keep up with the Germans staying next door beer for beer (no)? Will I actually find something interesting to photograph since I don’t have a press pass? Did I pack underwear? There are a lot of questions that need to be answered.
  • I’m hoping for more interaction. Writing, editing and photographing for a newspaper can be a vacuum. It’s easy to forget that people actually read your work and even depend on it. It actually helps not to think about that. No more. We’re digital now and want to talk to our readers directly. If you want to see something specific, email me and let me know. Seriously. I’m on my email all day like a crack addict. You can find me at or I’m even on that vile … I mean wonderful tool Twitter at @solisphotog. I’m an interaction junkie, so please give me my fix.
  • Hi mom. Hi dad.

See, Julie and I (the Sentinel “Power Couple”) are normal. we have anxiety and worries like everyone else. We just also happen to be going to the Olympics. Maybe in the next blog post I’ll write about how that actually happened, but for now, I’m going to finish my Scotch and go to bed. Please contact us and give us requests, suggestions and dares so we actually have something to do when Across the Pond. After all, it’s not like there’s a major even going on or anything.

PS: Please forgive my writing ability. I’m a photographer after all, and I’m even stretching when it comes to that.

PSS: How cow, we leave in less than a month!

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One thought on “This blog and where we go from here.

  1. Jenny

    Hi brother, hi sister! Tony, your writing if fabulous! Of course this is coming from someone who is having trouble spelling her new last name…. but don’t think about that. I love reading what you have to say and can’t wait to live trough you. My one request? Do something a honeymooner would do! Um, more specific, out of the bedroom and something you can share for your sister that hasn’t quite gotten her honeymoon yet.

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