Camera gear checklist

This is an odd trip. Usually when Julie and I go on vacation, I take the camera and a lens or two with an extra few batteries and maybe a flash. This is different. Sure, we’ll have two weeks of vacation before the Games begin, but come July 27, I’ll be working and I need to make sure my gear is working as well. So far there are a few items that are a must:

  • Camera body
  • 24-70mm lens
  • 70-200mm lens
  • 300mm lens
  • spare batteries
  • spare memory cards
  • portable hard drive
  • laptop
  • tripod (mainly for the artsy stuff I’ll do on my own)
  • polarizing filter (same as above)
  • camera bag
  • battery charger
  • outlet adapter

That’s the basics. but I also have a spare camera body that sometimes doesn’t work and a whole mess of lighting equipment. The lighting is important because I plan on taking portraits of some athletes that are more than just a quick snapshot. So I’m thinking some sort of reflector, light modifier and a light stand. I can do without the light stand because I’ll have the tripod, which doesn’t get the light very high, and a VALS. The VALS is also known as a voice activated light stand, but my VALS also happens to be my wife and she may be doing her own thing when I’m taking portraits. I don’t want to pack too much, but I don’t want to have to buy something in London that I already own and will have to bring back. Anyone know of any good camera equipment rental houses in London?

Am I over thinking this and just freaking out? Just look through the hole Tony, you monkey, and push the button. It’s that easy.

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One thought on “Camera gear checklist

  1. Great article! That checklist has a lot of important professional camera equipment on it! Don’t forget about camera bags and cases. As well as, sigma lenses.

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