Trampoline Trials

Anthony L. Solis/Sentinel
Steven Gluckstein wins the 2012 Trampoline USA Championships and a spot on the USA Olympic Team Wednesday at the San Jose Convention Center.

Steven Gluckstein will be representing Team USA in the trampoline at the 2012 London Games. His is a great story that Julie wrote about a little earlier and I’ll let her write more. But the event was cool to cover. Very low key, which was a good training for me.
One thing I discovered very quick was how not very quick my camera is. They say it’s not the equipment, it’s the photographer, but having equipment that isn’t SUPER SLOW sure helps things. I’ll just have to be better at timing my shots. I’ll write more about this in a future post / excuse to buy a new camera with all that money I don’t have.

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One thought on “Trampoline Trials

  1. Using a trampoline works your heart, lungs, muscles, and has little negative impact on the joints.

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