Win a photo from the Olympics and other SWAG

The Web editor came up to me yesterday to remind me to bring back lots of SWAG so we can give it away as contest prizes. After my initial horror at giving anything away I may want for myself I put my thinking cap on. Julie and I decided that as we get stuff, we’ll post a contest. We’re not sure what those little micro contests will be yet, but I have an idea for a main contest. The best comment on this blog, as decided by Julie and myself, will receive a signed photo, taken by me, of the Olympic Stadium during the Opening Ceremonies. The contest starts now and ends Aug. 15.

The rules:

  • You have to comment on this blog, not Facebook. We can’t keep track of everyone from Facebook, Twitter, Redit, Google+, etc., so just comment here.
  • Use a real email address so we can really contact you when you really win.
  • You can give us a suggestion, tell us a story, critique my spelling, offer a joke, add insight to a post. There are no restrictions, but you should know that if you are too mean we probably won’t pick you.
  • You can’t be related to Julie or me or work at the Santa Cruz Sentinel. It just wouldn’t be fair. Besides, you guys all know us, so you can easily get a signed photo from us.

This will not be the only contest. We may pick up a T-Shirt and decide to give it to the first person who comments, or answers a trivia question correctly. The point is, you never know, so you need to keep checking back with this blog.

Now, if you are sitting back thinking to yourself, “this sounds like a ploy to get more people to read your blog,” then you can consider yourself among the enlightened. Cynical, but enlightened.

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One thought on “Win a photo from the Olympics and other SWAG

  1. Carolina Senestraro

    Because I am related to you, I expect a souvenir anyway! 🙂

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