Getting things ready for the Olympics

We leave for London in less than two weeks (gulp) and I’m in the middle of getting my gear ready. Not only do I have to take my camera, lenses, tripod, flashes, etc., but I also need a laptop so I can process the photos and post them here on the blog. The laptop I have is a little long in the motherboard, if you know what I mean, so I wiped it clean and updated it a little. Turns out I updated too much.

Without getting too techy, the laptop wouldn’t communicate with my card reader. No worries, I figured I would just connect my camera directly to the laptop and transfer photos that way. Nope, my camera is too old and there are no updated drivers for it (side note: Really? 6-7 years and tech no longer works. Really!?). So now I had no way of actually getting my photos from my camera to my laptop. I spent the better part of my day off trying to find a solution. I came up with three: buy a new camera (um, yes please), buy a new laptop (which still probably won’t talk to my old camera), or keep looking for a cheaper solution. I chose the latter.

I couldn’t tell you how I did it or which drivers that I downloaded actually worked, but I successfully transferred photos from my camera to my laptop and it only took 5 hours to do so. I’m hoping to shave a few minutes off my time on my next attempt.

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