Dapper Dandies

Ralph Lauren designed the outfits for the U.S. athletes walking in the Opening Ceremonies. Here they are:

According to the press release:
“As an official outfitter of the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Teams, the company has designed Team USA’s Official Opening and Closing Ceremony Parade Uniforms as well as a unique collection of village wear apparel and accessories which embodies the spirit of American athleticism and sportsmanship.

‘It’s a privilege to play a part in the London Games and to celebrate the achievements of these premier athletes as they represent our nation on the world’s biggest stage,’ said David Lauren, Ralph Lauren’s Executive Vice President of Advertising, Marketing and Corporate Communications.

Drawing on the spirit and history of the Olympic Games and a tradition of refined American style, Ralph Lauren’s 2012 Team USA Opening Ceremony Uniforms feature classic silhouettes in a timeless palette of navy and white with pops of red.”

Yep, apparently our athletes are actually all french and they are all sailors. Or so the berets, coats and white pants and skirts would suggest. They may all also be over the age of 40.

All I’m saying is switch out the beret for a fedora and the white socks and shoes for some heels or flipflops, and you may have a look the athletes — most of whom are younger than 30 — would want to wear.

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