I drink beer … oh, and more photos

When there are so many pubs around all the time, it’s hard not to have a pint (or two) with my bangers and mash or fish and chips (hold the mushy peas). Julie is starting a whole series of me drinking, but I’ll let her post those.

The Games are really starting to show their presence here now. Our first day or two was pretty quiet at the place we are staying but is now buzzing with activity. The city seems a little more crowded as well but that could have a lot to do with the nice weather we had today. You’d think the sun hadn’t been out in years with the way people were loving it. Hyde Park was full of people just chillin’ on the grass or tossing a disc.

The London Underground is my new favorite way to travel (sorry BART). Why can’t we have this efficiency in the States? I thought I’d have a hard time since there are so many lines and transfers but it’s super easy. And the people are mostly great. Julie and I were even serenaded on our way home by an saxophonist from the Republic of Cameroon in town for the River of Music Festival. We’ve already traded emails even. He invited us to Cameroon and I invited him to California to play at one of our many fine jazz clubs.

Speaking of both the Games and the Underground, all the stations are clearly marked with venues to make traveling even easier. Of course, when the Games start things could completely fall apart. But for now, things are good.

I think Julie has some more Team USA practices and press conferences for us to go to. I’m not sure I’ll be able to get access to all of them, but I’ll try. I’m hoping for at least boxing. Basketball and my $50,000 one-on-one game with Kobe will just have to wait (you’re welcome Kobe).

For now, enjoy some photos from Across the Pond.

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