Walsh and May-Treanor are on the court

OK, Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh are on the court at Horse Guards Park with Nat Cook and Tamsin Hinchley of Australia. The USA won the toss and will serve.

The Aussies are definitely trying to keep the ball away from Walsh, and she just showed why. Kill for 4-5 USA

USA takes lead for the first time, 7-6, when Cook hits wide on a line shot, but they get the switch on a Cook hit off the net, 7-7

The Australians are giving the USA a tough time. Wiley Cook is showing experience and smarts can beat athleticism. Well, I guess both teams have both, but you know what I mean. Wow, big kill by Walsh matched by slash by cook. 11-12.

May finally gets her lethal kill out. 13-12.

The Aussies may want to rethink hitting to May every time.

Walsh simple shot on 2 makes it 18-18

May’s shot off net seals Game 1, 21-18

USA leads this one until 7-7, now Hinsley really stepping it up. She just made a crazy block after Cooks’s 1-handed ups kept the ball alive. USA now down 9-12.

USA comes charging back, as Wash makes a kill and then makes a 1-handed dig and a kill to put them within 13-12. The Aussies call a time out.

Walsh’s deep poke makes it 17-all and then her block and pickup leads to a May kill for 18-17. They may be able to avoid dropping their first set in any Olympic match.

Cook called net after crazy digs by May and the USA wins 21-19.

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