Olympics photos: Day 3

Soaked. The weather here switches from very hot to cold and rainy in a matter of minutes. I froze while standing in front of Buckingham Palace waiting for the Women’s Cycling race to head to the finish line. Staked out a great spot but when the rain started, the umbrellas went up and I could see anything anymore. Oh well. I made do.

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5 thoughts on “Olympics photos: Day 3

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  2. allan rofer

    why don’t you report on the magnificent ariel hsing who has won the first two rounds in table tennis?

    • Because I don’t have a press pass, so I can’t get in to photograph her. Or else I would. I’m not sure Julie will do anything either because she lives in San Jose and our sister paper, the San Jose Mercury News is covering her. If you like, I can post the Mercury News stories here when they come over.

      • Allan Rofer

        OK I did not realize that Murky News was covering her. I am surprised you don’t have a press pass. Do they consider you to be a potted plant? Or are they indirectly dissing Santa Cruz?

  3. No, no, nothing of the sort. The US is only allotted a certain number of press credentials for the Olympics. The Sentinel is the smallest newspaper in the nation to be given a credential (which went to Julie), so for us to get two would be pretty incredible. Frankly, we’re shocked we got one. There is no diss on he Sentinel, in fact, they must think pretty highly of us to give us at least one.

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