At the men’s gymnastics finals

At North Greenwich now for the men’s gymnastics final
The USA’s Danell Leyva scored 15.2 to put him second behind Ukraine in the floor routine. Next up was samuel Mikulak, who fell to his knees on one landing. Having trouble finding his score. ThenJacob Dalton who looked smooth although a little flat until the last passage, when he made a little op. That give a him 15.466

The US is in fourth place behind the Ukraine, the UK and Japan.
After the floor routine, the USA, which qualified first, is in fifth, with Russia moving up past the Yanks.

Dalton up now on the pommel horse. It’s odd how they announce some athletes and others compete in obscurity at the same time. Sounds like the Americans and the Brits will always have the spotlight. Others, it’s hit or miss.
Very smooth performance for Dalton and a clean landing. How do these guys not get carpal tunnel with all that wrist work?
Here’s something you dont’ see on TV — two US officials adjusting the pommel horse by moving the support bar in the middle and it looks like the handles atop it.
Oooh, that’s not good. Leyva twice comes off the pomel horse, then he just walks away.
Mikulak is up next. nearly flawless performance after little bit of a shaky start draws high-10s.
Now John Orozco … He sits on it at one point, which I don’t think is what is supposed to happen in this event. Nope, no high-5s.
US has dropped to seventh of eight in the team standings.

Mikulak up first and pretty impressive — of course who isn’t impressive when they’re on the rings? Now it’s Jonathan Dalton. The feats they perfom on this aparatus is amazing.
Wow, big cheers for the Great Britain vaulter Thomas, and the Americans join in when Dalton lands an excellent routine with just a wobble on the landing.
Now Orozco — man these guys are strong. They’re doing things on squirmy rings I can’t eve do standing on one leg.
US killed it on rings and now are back up to fourth with 131.156 points. Japan now leads with 137.955, just ahead of the UK [137.180] and the Ukraine [136.796].

Orozco winds up on his hind side after a twisting vault. This is not off to a god start. Aw, there are tears in his eyes. That’s tough to see.

Mikulak is next … one big step sideways on the landing but otherwise a solid vault. 15.966.
Dalton also takes a big side step, but this one to the other side. 16.066

The USA drops down to sixth. It would be pretty much impossible to catch China with its 187.031 points.

Maybe the US doesn’t like the limelight. The TV cameras are ignoring them a little more now, and Miklak puts up a good routine and sticks the landing. 15.266. Plenty of chants of USA-USA.

Orozco a little shaky still, but he lands nicely and gets a score of 15.133.

Leyva keeps his concentration even after a thunderous cheer for the UK’s Thomas on the horzontal bar. Thomas gets a 15.2, Leyva a 15.366

US in fourth behind the UK, but China hasn’t gone yet.

Wow, Horton really stuck that routine. He looked like one of those kids toys where you pull the string and they go around and around a bar, except that he also flew off of it and grabbed right back on. Nice that he ended at the same tie as the Chinese floor routine competitor so they shared in the grand applause. 15.2

Leyva is next, another nice routine. This is obviously one of the USA’s best events. Nice, 15.866.

Wow, the brits love Kristian Thomas. He scored 14.33 on floor and they’re going crazy.

Looks like the Americans are out of the medal. Fourth but we’re waiting on Japan’s score
China takes the gold, but the big news is the UK, which grabs the silver. Ukraine gets the bronze and the US is fifth behind Japan.

Uh oh, I think there might be a riot. The scoreboard changed from what had been announced at the end of the competition. Japan leapfrogged over the UK to take silver and the Ukraine got knocked out of the medals. Of course, right after the announcement, the announcer asks the crowd to show their appreciation for the judges. I’ve never heard such loud booing. This place went from elation to bitterness just like that.

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