Live from the women’s 10k final – Dibaba defends title

The gun has just gone off in the women’s 10k final. It’s one of the first track and field events to present a gold medal.

After the first 400, three Japanese runners lead the way. In fact, they have totally broken out along with one stray Irish runner in Britton.

1,200 meters in and the pack has reeled them back in, well, almost.

REmember, this is nearly the same distance as the Wharf to Wharf, so times should be somewhat comparable (though here’s guessing these ladies are faster — they don’t have to weave around the guys who sprint out in front at the start and then die off 200 yards later).

USA isn’t even in the picture as we reach 2,400 meters. The three Japanese, the Irish, then Kenyans and Ethiopians in the next four spots.
OK, I guess you’d like times. The leader, Niiya is running 9:10.3 after 3,000.

OK, now they’e about halfway through. The Japanese have totally been absorbed. Two Kenyans, Chepkirut and Cheruiot, are in the lead with Niiya third.

As soon as I say that, then Kipyego of Kenya takes the lead, followed by Kidane of Ethiopia.

At the 5,600 mark, Hastings moves onto the scoreboard in ninth. She ran it in 17:19.9. The leader Kipyego is running 17:18.8. The USA also has someone in 13th and 15th.

Kidane overtakes the lead for Ethiopia. Hastings drops out of top 9 with 9 laps to go.

While strung out, there’s a large group of 12 and then several stragglers.

They are at 7,000m and Kidane has really broken out, taking a small lead in 22:11.1 at 7,200. 68.91 = fastest lap so far

Oh man, they’re going to lap the girls in last place. Can you imagine being an Olympic-caliber runner and getting lapped. Crazy.

Kidane of Ethiopia still leads the pace, with Cheriuyot in second. They’ve made a group of four with Kipyego and Diababa. all of Ethiopia or Kenya with just 2,000 to go.

Lapping to begin in 3, 2, 1 ….Done.

Great Britain’s duo just jumped to eighth and ninth. Big Roar.

Dibaba just made her big move but didn’t quite get into the front, maybe by plan. Kipyego still leads

Two laps to go, Kipyego  still leads but Dibaba seems ht to pass her. Yep, here we go, and here comes Cheruiyot.

68.10 for that last lap and Dibaba won’t have any trouble winnign this one. Sure she’s not a sprinter?

Dibaba defends her title in 30:20.76. Kipyego sustains for secondin 30:26.37 and Cheruiyot is bronze in 30:30.44. Hastings leads USA women in 11th in a personal-best 31:10.69. Janet Cherobon-Bawcom is 12th in a PR 31;12.68 and Lisa Uhl is 13th in a PR 31:12.80.

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