Great Britain wins the equestrian team jump-off for first gold in 60 years.

Some of the best and best-looking athletes in the world competed in the high jump today, and most of the time they got all four legs over.

Yes, I’m talking about the team jumping competition at Greenwich Park.  The finals riders and their steeds are going now, but it doesn’t look good for the US, which finished with 28 points. Right now that puts them tied for fourth, but it will  be tied for fifth unless the last Saudi Arabia rider hits everything, which doesn’t look likely.

That doesn’t mean there isn’t any excitement.

Britain and the Netherlands are apparently as good at jumping as they are at soccer. They finished tied for the gold with eight points each. That means they have to have a jumpoff. Not sure how this works, but I’ll keep you updated …

Though it is starting to rain, so you may get the delayed report. What are you complaining about? It’s 8 in the morning there. Go to work!

Here’s how it goes: All four team members go on a new short course. The top three scores count. Team with the lowest score wins.

Great Briatian’s Nick Skelton on Big Star goes first. Keeping up a fast pace they get through clean.

Jur Vrling of the Netherlands goes next. Again fast, again clean

Now GB’s Ben Maher on one of the most regal horses out here, Trippel X. Also clean.

Not so good for The Netherlands’ Maikel van der Vleuten on Verdi — lots of Vs — he hits two posts, knocking them down and opening the door for GB.

No GB’s Scott Brash. he tips a post over, but just one. Time of 48.01, so GB is doing well in time and penalties.

Next up, Marc Houtzager on Tamino.

He knocks a rail as well and finishes in 52.40. Remember, though, one score is dropped.

GB’s last rider is Peter Chalres on Vandicat.

Perfect! Great Britain claims its first Olympic team jumping gold since Helsinki in 1952. People here are going crazy.

That means Netherlands takes silver and Saudi Arabia takes bronze. I believe this is the first time in about 20 years that the US has not placed, but I’ll have to double check that.

See you all tomorrow at the Triathlon, where I will next be posting live updates as Bevan Docherty tries to get a gold to add to his collection. Also, look for my triathlon previews later this morning.

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