Olympics photos: Day 11, a light day

Monday was a light day for me, meaning there were no free events I could shoot, so I again put on my walking shoes and wandered. This time though, I wanted to see an area that the British press had been saying was a ghost town during the Games. So I went to Oxford Circus to see just how few people there were. The story goes that people weren’t shopping at some major shopping areas because there are no Olympic venues nearby to bring the tourists in. A pub owner I talked to said that, yes, his business was a bit slow at the start of the Games but is back to normal now. He said it wasn’t as bad for him as the press made it out to be (that darn press).

Also made it over to Greenwich mainly so I could travel there with Julie since we don’t really see each other that often. Plus, it’s supposed to be pretty and have great little shops. All true. Greenwich Park even had a little festival going on complete with lawn chairs and a large screen to watch the equestrian events going on a few hundred feet away. Plus, there were two table tennis tables there for anyone to use. These tables are everywhere all over the city and people use them quite a bit.

So, here are a few of today’s photos. I know there aren’t that many today, but I did say it was a light day. Tomorrow I will return to the sports photography genre with the men’s triathlon. I plan to get there very early to get a good spot … hopefully one where I can shoot the swim, bike and run without having to move away from my prime location.

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