The men’s triathlon is about to begin — covering it live!

Here we go on a cloudy day in London that looks perfect for a triathlon. The water is warmer than the weather, but they’re calling it a wetsuit swim, of course. Bevan Docherty’s bike is in place and he’s about to walk into the transition area, along with Britain’s Brownlee brothers. They just got a huge cheer.

11:30 a.m.

And they’re off. they’ve now formed four lines in the water — drafting to conserve energy. Impossible to tell where Docherty or the Americans are in the bunch.

It is absolutely packed in Hyde Park. More people already than for the women’s race.
Richard Varga is in the lead for Slovakia in the swim 12 minutes in.

Vargas and Javier Gomez out of the water first. Jonathan Brownlee out fourth. Docherty is in the latter half of the first big pack, but makes one of the fastest transitions.

It’s being called one of the fastest swims in Olympic history.

11:50 a.m.

The first biker went down, but not sure who it is yet. Looked like the rider in front of him zigged instead of zagged and tripped up his wheel. Looks like Celustka of Czechloslovakia.

Polansky of Russia stops for a flat.

The lead group of 5 inincludes J. Brownlee, J. Gomez, A. Brownlee, and A. Fabian of Italy. They are really working together. R. Varga, the top swimmer, is also in that group, of 6 not 5.

Docherty in 14th with teammate Gemmell in chase pack. probably 15 riders in that group.

Docherty in the middle of the chase pack but moving to the front as they make a second pass through the transition area.

NEWS — Simon Whitfield, the Canadian triathlete who is the only one with as many medals as Docherty, just dropped from the race. It is his fourth Olympics.

There are 2 other chase packs, the last of which looks like it’s out for a Sunday stroll, at least compared to the others.

We’re a little over half an hour into the race.

Docherty was 23rd out of the swim. Gemmell was 24th. American Hunter Kemper came out 21st. The were about 30 seconds behind swim-leader Varga, who exited in 16:56. Manny Huerta is 52nd out of 55.

The lead pack has been caught by the pack with Kemper, Docherty and Gemmell. Docherty is biding his time in 15th, about midway through, which may be a credit to his experience — not wasting energy at the front of the pack. The man at the front is Hays, the little talked about Brit team member.

Looks like the lead pack has about a minute advantage over the chase pack.

Sorry folks for any typos. The glare off my screen in the press area is intolerable.

That gap is 1:15

12:20 p.m.

Lap 4 of 7 down and Docherty still in 15th, Hays still leads and Gemmell in 4th. Didn’t catch where Kemper is, but he’s in th mix here.

With two laps left, Docherty is 16th. Great Britain is leading the charge, probably hoping to get the Brownlees a few smidges of extra seconds heading into the transition. Huerta is in the second group, 38th overall

Wonder if anyone is going to attack on the final lap. Someone is going to have to if they’re going to hold off the Brownlees or Lopez on the run.

Sounds like the lead over the chase pack is about 2 minutes, so that pack is a nonfactor.

Press row is filled with British journalists, as well as someone from 220 Triathlon and the Canadian Olympic Committee. Affable group, one of the best I’ve been on the row with so far.

Well, there iw an attac, but it’s by one man: Alistair Brownlee. He’s pushing the pace ahead of the pack, but how can he keep it up — unless his teammates are holding back the rest of the pack.

12:38 pm

Kemper of the USA is 12th, Docherty 18th as they head into the final lap. We are in this.


OK, second transition is under way. Docherty, wearing screaming orange shoes, leaves in 16th place. Kemper is in 19th. Luis led the pack coming out, but the Brownlees were right on his tail. They are a pack of three now, I beleive. Or is that Gomez? Yep, the Brownlees and Gomez. All the favorites in one neat bunch.

Docherty is moving fast. He just passed Gemmell I believe, but he’s 13th and still a ways behind the leaders.

Hmm, I think one of the Brownlees has the same shoe sponsor as Docherty. Same melon orange day-glo shoes.

Dccherty’s still 13th and gaining, but he’s going to have to really push it to catch the lead 3.

12:50 p.m.

Docherty has company, but I can’t tell who it is. Someone in green.

1::01:32 and the Brownlees and Gomez lead with two of four laps down, just as they have from the start. Looks like Jonathan has been dropped, though, so we’ll see what happens with Bronze.

Docherty is in 12th now and pushing hard. There’s a solid group of four just before him.
Things are getting exciting, at least if you’re a Brit. Alistair looks gold bround, but what’s going to happen with Johnny, who has dropped off and is being prsued by two frenchmen?

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