Olympic photos: Day 14, marathon swimming

The weather was fantastic today in London and reminded me of the nice weather we get back home in California. This nice weather was very much needed because it had been cold and rainy the past few days and I was under the weather yesterday, which is why there was no photo update from me. I’m all better now and it was great to get out of that little dorm room.

As much as I enjoyed this morning’s marathon swimming, I really enjoyed talking to some locals about the differences in culture between the US and Great Britain. We agreed that most Americans can’t do a good English accent and most Brits sound dumb and just talk slow when trying to do an American accent. I found it funny that they asked me if I understand sarcasm; I guess they didn’t think Americans knew anything about sarcasm. Um, yes, I know all about sarcasm. I’ve mastered it, just ask my mother (which is who I learned it from). One really odd occurrence happened. People in the crowd started doing the wave and these locals called it the Mexican wave. Huh? I didn’t get it and just kept shaking my head. Don’t they know the wave was started at a 1981 A’s game in Oakland by Krazy George, not in Mexico. The joys of different cultures.

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