JULIE JAG: The Mary Lou Retton leotard — white with red stripes and blue accents — that I wore during Jazzercise in my elementary school gym class should have been a dead giveaway.
I was born to go to the Olympics.
OK, I’m not going to compete, but this is almost as good. In 100 days — on July 27 to be exact — I will be at the opening ceremony for the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, covering it for the Santa Cruz Sentinel, of which I am the sports editor. It’s quite the honor — the Sentinel is one of, if not the, smallest papers to receive a credential for these Games. My husband, Sentinel graphic designer and freelance photographer Anthony L. Solis, didn’t have a leotard and hasn’t been quite so lucky. He’s going as well, but will be covering the games from outside the venues unless his fortunes turn around and a press credential comes his way.
Like any decent athlete, I’ve been training hard for my Olympic debut. So far, I’ve worked on my weightlifting, fencing and gymnastics skills. I’m hoping to try a few more before we leave. Stay tuned to the Sentinel and this blog to read about my adventures in the world of obscure Olympic sports.
Once the Games begin, keep an eye out for updates on local athletes competing in the Games as well as a few touching stories about those from a little farther away. We’ll also try to show you what the Games look like from the inside — from the food at the athlete’s village to the green rooms, where sporting types psych themselves up to perform on their biggest stage.
It’s going to be fun and frenetic. We’d love to hear from you along the way, so email us at jjag@santacruzsentinel.com or direct message me on Twitter @julie_jag.
Now excuse me while I work on my floor routine.
ANTHONY L. SOLIS: I was born and raised on the Central Coast and have lived here my entire life. In 1999 I started working as a graphic designer at the Santa Cruz Sentinel and in 2004 I started getting back into photography, a hobby I had as a child. Now, in addition to designing the front page of the newspaper and The Guide entertainment section, I’m also a freelance photographer. I’ve been published in the Santa Cruz Sentinel, Gilroy Dispatch, Santa Cruz Magazine, JPEG Magazine, UC Santa Cruz Review and the French sports magazine Fluid.. My next adventure is to cover the London Olympics for the Sentinel with my wife of 4 years, Sentinel sports editor Julie Jag. My only previous brush with the Olympics was as a wannabe 400-meter sprinter in the mid-90s. Turns out that you actually have to somewhat like running and be good at it to be an Olympian.

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