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Olympic photos: Day 9, part 2 … RACE WALKING!

I know what you are thinking, “Tony, dude … race walking? Seriously?” I know, I know, but after watching my first live race walking event, I have to say, this looks tough. These guys are WALKING close to a 6-minute mile. That’s hardcore. The agony these men were in by the end of the race made ME out of breath. I won’t make fun of race walking any more. Really.

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The crowds in London

Julie emailed me tonight to let me know that I might be able to steal a shot of the Opening Ceremonies final dress rehearsal, but it was pretty lae already and I had settled in. But, not one to miss a dramatic night shot, I sprang into action (slowly rolled off the bed). When I got to the Olympic Park I was shocked for two reasons: first, I missed the rehearsal so I wouldn’t get any shots. Second, the crowds were huge. I mean really huge. I somehow made my way up alongside the massive crowd being held back by security to ease the load on the public transit system. This was a section of the crowd on a bridge, shoulder-to-shoulder two dozen people wide and 100-150 meters deep. I made my way to the back when I had a thought … hey, I’m a photographer and this seems like an interesting story. So out the camera came and I shot away.

People were getting frustrated and no one liked being in that crowd for so long, but to be fair to the Olympic staff and security, they kind of had to hold people back. That many people all trying to catch trains, buses and subways all at once would cause even more problems. But I really felt bad for the people in the crowd. Especially since I now was one.

I slipped past one group and made my way to another behind them being held back for their turn to descend upon the bridge, only to be held back again before they could enter the station. I waited for them to move, got my shots and looked around for my own exit. I found it in the mall. Yes, thank God for the mall.

You enter the mall on the second story and can go downstairs near the entrance. So down I went and sure enough I was able to walk right into the station to get on my train with no problem at all. I’m a sneaky little guy.

Anyway, here are the four photos I sent off to the paper. I hope they find a way to use them because I didn’t see any other photographers there. SCOOP!!!

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One week until we leave for London

Yes, I’m starting to get nervous, but that’s mainly because I don’t like to fly. We are procrastinating on our packing and cleaning, but we will get it done. We always do.

Back to actual Olympic news. I took a picture of New Zealand triathlete Bevan Docherty today. He won silver in 2004 and bronze in 2008, so he’s hoping for a gold in London to complete his collection. He lives and trains in Santa Cruz. It was interesting trying to take his picture with a camera I’m not yet entirely familiar with yet. I just need more practice I guess.

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Another photo from the gymnastics trials

Jordyn Wieber

I went back through my gymnastics photos just to see if I missed anything and this shot jumped out at me. It’s Jordyn Wieber focusing on her routine just before doing the balance beam. She was getting loose and doing the arm parts of her routine. Then she took a deep breath and as she opened her eyes, this was her look. I suspect I’ll be seeing this look on a lot of athletes’ faces in a few weeks.

And yes, it’s in black and white. Monochrome photos resonate with me a lot due to their timeless quality. It reminds me of old-school photojournalism. So you’ll probably be seeing quite a few black and white posts from my time in London.

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AP PHOTO: Showing their medal

Sebastian Coe, chairman of the London 2012 Organizing Committee, and Jan du Plessis, left, Rio Tinto mining company chairman, pose for the photographers holding a gold medal of the Games, during a photo op at the Tower of London, in London, Monday, July 2, 2012 The company is responsible for the production of the precious metals for the London 2012 Games, and has handed over the final Olympic and Paralympic medals to LOCOG for secure storage in the vaults at the Tower of London during the Games. The gold, silver and bronze medals which will be awarded to the athletes at Games-times, will remain there until they are needed for the Victory Ceremonies. In total, 4,700 medals have been produced and will be awarded in 805 Victory Ceremonies that will take place in over 30 London 2012 venues across the UK. (AP Photo/Lefteris Pitarakis)

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Win a photo from the Olympics and other SWAG

The Web editor came up to me yesterday to remind me to bring back lots of SWAG so we can give it away as contest prizes. After my initial horror at giving anything away I may want for myself I put my thinking cap on. Julie and I decided that as we get stuff, we’ll post a contest. We’re not sure what those little micro contests will be yet, but I have an idea for a main contest. The best comment on this blog, as decided by Julie and myself, will receive a signed photo, taken by me, of the Olympic Stadium during the Opening Ceremonies. The contest starts now and ends Aug. 15.

The rules:

  • You have to comment on this blog, not Facebook. We can’t keep track of everyone from Facebook, Twitter, Redit, Google+, etc., so just comment here.
  • Use a real email address so we can really contact you when you really win.
  • You can give us a suggestion, tell us a story, critique my spelling, offer a joke, add insight to a post. There are no restrictions, but you should know that if you are too mean we probably won’t pick you.
  • You can’t be related to Julie or me or work at the Santa Cruz Sentinel. It just wouldn’t be fair. Besides, you guys all know us, so you can easily get a signed photo from us.

This will not be the only contest. We may pick up a T-Shirt and decide to give it to the first person who comments, or answers a trivia question correctly. The point is, you never know, so you need to keep checking back with this blog.

Now, if you are sitting back thinking to yourself, “this sounds like a ploy to get more people to read your blog,” then you can consider yourself among the enlightened. Cynical, but enlightened.

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Giant Olympic Rings unveiled on Tower Bridge


The latest set of Giant Olympic Rings has been unveiled on London’s Tower Bridge to mark exactly one month to go until the Olympic Games.
The Rings weigh more than three tons and measure over 25 meters wide by 11.5 metres tall.
During the Games, each of London‘s famous bridges will be lit up in the evenings in a dazzling display of color.

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