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Artsy black and white photos of Tower Bridge

I was really scouting the bridge out for angles to take after dark but I forgot my cable release at the room, so I cut my evening short. Still, this is the style of photography I’m drawn to when I’m not shooting sports or portraits. You may see some photos very similar to these tomorrow evening, unless I forget something else.

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Olympic photos: Day 9, part 2 … RACE WALKING!

I know what you are thinking, “Tony, dude … race walking? Seriously?” I know, I know, but after watching my first live race walking event, I have to say, this looks tough. These guys are WALKING close to a 6-minute mile. That’s hardcore. The agony these men were in by the end of the race made ME out of breath. I won’t make fun of race walking any more. Really.

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The crowds in London

Julie emailed me tonight to let me know that I might be able to steal a shot of the Opening Ceremonies final dress rehearsal, but it was pretty lae already and I had settled in. But, not one to miss a dramatic night shot, I sprang into action (slowly rolled off the bed). When I got to the Olympic Park I was shocked for two reasons: first, I missed the rehearsal so I wouldn’t get any shots. Second, the crowds were huge. I mean really huge. I somehow made my way up alongside the massive crowd being held back by security to ease the load on the public transit system. This was a section of the crowd on a bridge, shoulder-to-shoulder two dozen people wide and 100-150 meters deep. I made my way to the back when I had a thought … hey, I’m a photographer and this seems like an interesting story. So out the camera came and I shot away.

People were getting frustrated and no one liked being in that crowd for so long, but to be fair to the Olympic staff and security, they kind of had to hold people back. That many people all trying to catch trains, buses and subways all at once would cause even more problems. But I really felt bad for the people in the crowd. Especially since I now was one.

I slipped past one group and made my way to another behind them being held back for their turn to descend upon the bridge, only to be held back again before they could enter the station. I waited for them to move, got my shots and looked around for my own exit. I found it in the mall. Yes, thank God for the mall.

You enter the mall on the second story and can go downstairs near the entrance. So down I went and sure enough I was able to walk right into the station to get on my train with no problem at all. I’m a sneaky little guy.

Anyway, here are the four photos I sent off to the paper. I hope they find a way to use them because I didn’t see any other photographers there. SCOOP!!!

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Light on the Olympics today

We visited the Tower of London today and I thought there would be more of an Olympic presence there. We missed yesterday’s River of Music Festival there, so maybe that had something to do with it.

The other thing we missed was a major snag in the transit system. The evening paper said the Tube line that we usually take was out of service from 6am until 10am. Good thing that we didn’t get moving until 10 this morning. Every train is warning passengers to avoid lines that go to The Games’ various venues around the city unless they are attending the games themselves. Things have still worked out pretty well for us though.

So here’s the only Olympics-related shot I got today. I already showed you a shot of this, but this one is from dry land and not a rocking boat. Plus, the light is better. In fact, comment on this blog your favorite moment from a previous Olympics and I’ll pick my favorite comment and send you a copy of this photo when the games are done.

Tower Bridge with Olympic Rings

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I drink beer … oh, and more photos

When there are so many pubs around all the time, it’s hard not to have a pint (or two) with my bangers and mash or fish and chips (hold the mushy peas). Julie is starting a whole series of me drinking, but I’ll let her post those.

The Games are really starting to show their presence here now. Our first day or two was pretty quiet at the place we are staying but is now buzzing with activity. The city seems a little more crowded as well but that could have a lot to do with the nice weather we had today. You’d think the sun hadn’t been out in years with the way people were loving it. Hyde Park was full of people just chillin’ on the grass or tossing a disc.

The London Underground is my new favorite way to travel (sorry BART). Why can’t we have this efficiency in the States? I thought I’d have a hard time since there are so many lines and transfers but it’s super easy. And the people are mostly great. Julie and I were even serenaded on our way home by an saxophonist from the Republic of Cameroon in town for the River of Music Festival. We’ve already traded emails even. He invited us to Cameroon and I invited him to California to play at one of our many fine jazz clubs.

Speaking of both the Games and the Underground, all the stations are clearly marked with venues to make traveling even easier. Of course, when the Games start things could completely fall apart. But for now, things are good.

I think Julie has some more Team USA practices and press conferences for us to go to. I’m not sure I’ll be able to get access to all of them, but I’ll try. I’m hoping for at least boxing. Basketball and my $50,000 one-on-one game with Kobe will just have to wait (you’re welcome Kobe).

For now, enjoy some photos from Across the Pond.

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Another photo from the gymnastics trials

Jordyn Wieber

I went back through my gymnastics photos just to see if I missed anything and this shot jumped out at me. It’s Jordyn Wieber focusing on her routine just before doing the balance beam. She was getting loose and doing the arm parts of her routine. Then she took a deep breath and as she opened her eyes, this was her look. I suspect I’ll be seeing this look on a lot of athletes’ faces in a few weeks.

And yes, it’s in black and white. Monochrome photos resonate with me a lot due to their timeless quality. It reminds me of old-school photojournalism. So you’ll probably be seeing quite a few black and white posts from my time in London.

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New portraits for this blog of Julie and me

Something’s been missing from this blog and that’s a photo of me and Julie. I’ll be taking some nice portraits of us in a few hours right before we head to the Giants game. I hope the photos can make their debut here in a day or two.

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This blog and where we go from here.

Just had a nice talk with the boss … er … wife about what I should be posting to this blog. To be completely honest, I still think in terms of print instead of digital, so I’ve been neglecting this blog a little. Kind of strange for someone who works for a company named Digital First. Hey, it’s a learning process. I want to post more, but since I’m not in London taking pictures yet, it’s hard for me to think about interesting things to post. So here’s what’s going to happen:

  • Once we are in London, every story and photo fit for publication (and some that aren’t) will be posted here. This is the means by which our newspaper, The Santa Cruz Sentinel, will get our stories and photos.
  • I’ll have more snark. Julie likes that when my coworkers and I start singing obscure songs from the 90s, I post it to Facebook. Well, now I’ll post that kind of stuff here, but only when I’m doing my interpretive Olympics-related dance.
  • I’m going to let you in on our planning. I had no idea that you people out there in the intertubes might be living vicariously through us. We have bumps and bruises from our planning on attending these Olympics. In fact, I’ll let you in on a little secret: We nearly bought a house. The closing date was going to be July 10, which is 4 days before we are leaving for London. Talk about stress. I even floated the idea of staying behind but everyone I mentioned that to thought I was crazy. So we gave up the house so we could bring the Olympics to you, our faithful readers. Really. It had nothing to do with money, or timing, or the location of the house, or the fact that the kitchen didn’t overlook the living room and the carpets were an orange shag that was last popular when Carl Lewis was in diapers. We love our readers that much.
  • Not only are we planning, but we are worrying as well. Will our equipment work? Will our flight be delayed (I hate flying)? Will I not be able to keep up with the Germans staying next door beer for beer (no)? Will I actually find something interesting to photograph since I don’t have a press pass? Did I pack underwear? There are a lot of questions that need to be answered.
  • I’m hoping for more interaction. Writing, editing and photographing for a newspaper can be a vacuum. It’s easy to forget that people actually read your work and even depend on it. It actually helps not to think about that. No more. We’re digital now and want to talk to our readers directly. If you want to see something specific, email me and let me know. Seriously. I’m on my email all day like a crack addict. You can find me at or I’m even on that vile … I mean wonderful tool Twitter at @solisphotog. I’m an interaction junkie, so please give me my fix.
  • Hi mom. Hi dad.

See, Julie and I (the Sentinel “Power Couple”) are normal. we have anxiety and worries like everyone else. We just also happen to be going to the Olympics. Maybe in the next blog post I’ll write about how that actually happened, but for now, I’m going to finish my Scotch and go to bed. Please contact us and give us requests, suggestions and dares so we actually have something to do when Across the Pond. After all, it’s not like there’s a major even going on or anything.

PS: Please forgive my writing ability. I’m a photographer after all, and I’m even stretching when it comes to that.

PSS: How cow, we leave in less than a month!

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