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First full day in Amsterdam


Today was a nice vacation day for the two of us. We only thought about work and the Olympics about a dozen times or so. It was a day full of walking and doing tourisy things, but we enjoyed ourselves quite a bit.

We hit the flower market where Julie fell in love with all the tulips and really wanted to bring some home. Then we walked to the Van Gough museum where I had a revelation … I don’t really like museums. I noticed all the people just listening to their audio tour and spending about a minute with each painting and are usually standing about 1-2 feet away. It made me sad that they painting weren’t being enjoyed or appreciated like they were probably ment to be. It seems like they should be hung in someone’s home and really looked at for a long time. I sat down about halfway through and fell in love with a painting of the ocean that I really didn’t like when I saw it from so close. I guess it’s good for so many people to be enjoying them, but it just made me a little sad to think about it.

What didn’t make me sad was the Heineken museum. Beer tasting and two beers at the end. Can’t go wrong with that. Plus, I was selected for a marketing survey (where I told them marketing isn’t important, quality is) and was given a personalized glass for it. Had a canal ride back near the hotel (as part of the Heineken tour) and walked around for a while more before dinner, more walking and back to the hotel for night. Had some coffee and visited a cheese shop somewhere in there also.

I know you are here for the Olympics stuff, just just bare with us for another day or two.

Our free internet isn’t letting me post photos, so hopefully I can get them up once we make it to London.

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Camera gear checklist

This is an odd trip. Usually when Julie and I go on vacation, I take the camera and a lens or two with an extra few batteries and maybe a flash. This is different. Sure, we’ll have two weeks of vacation before the Games begin, but come July 27, I’ll be working and I need to make sure my gear is working as well. So far there are a few items that are a must:

  • Camera body
  • 24-70mm lens
  • 70-200mm lens
  • 300mm lens
  • spare batteries
  • spare memory cards
  • portable hard drive
  • laptop
  • tripod (mainly for the artsy stuff I’ll do on my own)
  • polarizing filter (same as above)
  • camera bag
  • battery charger
  • outlet adapter

That’s the basics. but I also have a spare camera body that sometimes doesn’t work and a whole mess of lighting equipment. The lighting is important because I plan on taking portraits of some athletes that are more than just a quick snapshot. So I’m thinking some sort of reflector, light modifier and a light stand. I can do without the light stand because I’ll have the tripod, which doesn’t get the light very high, and a VALS. The VALS is also known as a voice activated light stand, but my VALS also happens to be my wife and she may be doing her own thing when I’m taking portraits. I don’t want to pack too much, but I don’t want to have to buy something in London that I already own and will have to bring back. Anyone know of any good camera equipment rental houses in London?

Am I over thinking this and just freaking out? Just look through the hole Tony, you monkey, and push the button. It’s that easy.

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You’d think the Olympics were being held, or something

Julie and I decided that for our first few days across the pond, we hop on over to mainland Europe before returning to London. We’ll be there a full two weeks before The Games start so we can find our way around and relax while we still can. I did run into a snag though. We’re flying into London and the plan was to take a train through the channel, but apparently that’s kind of a busy time because the trains are sold out. There’s a ferry that seemed like a good option, but the departure times don’t line up with our flight time. So now we either just stay in London or we fly to Europe and take the ferry back. Decisions, decisions, decisions.

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